Stitches West – The Stitch Markers

Sunday was the final day of the Stitches West market, and there was not much room left in my ‘yarn case’. But there was room for stitch markers! My SF friend who we met up with again at the show on Saturday had found these super cute vegetable stitch markers. So I needed a set too.


The potatoes with dimples were particularly adorable.


Jennie the potter had made these clay ones. I now wish I had gotten a mug too.


These handmade glass bead ones broke the budget a little, but pretty huh?


These stitch markers came from Yoth Yarns, there was a lot of love for Yoth and I kind of liked the weight on these.


These Crystal type ones came from the Hiya Hiya stand… as did the balls of yarn



And finally, polymer clay candy canes, just because.

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