Istanbul socks

Roll 198 trix400 H1 50mm360

I’m ashamed to admit to how long these took to knit according to my Ravelry page. They were a very enjoyable knit once I got down to it. They began well, then somehow I was side-tracked.

Roll 198 trix400 H1 50mm354

I now have just 2 lots of yarn left from my year of knitting along with the Cookie A sock club in 2013. I think I would like to cast on for Arrow next and then Vamp. And then maybe (if I’m lucky enough to get a spot), I’ll be ready to start knitting along in next year’s club.

Roll 198 trix400 H1 50mm359

Roll 198 trix400 H1 50mm358

Thanks to my dear husband for taking these great photos for me. There are no filters on these photos, they were shot on film. I’m a very lucky knitter and wife.

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