Yarn Along – The things we tell ourselves


I became an aunty again last week for the eighth time. And it’s still exciting.

I told myself before she was born, I wouldn’t knit any sweaters or such for her ‘right away’, she is a Summer baby after all. There’s no need, it would be silly. I don’t want to lose my head and knit all the things for a baby that grows rather quickly.

And then ‘she’ was born and she was given my name as a second name. All I can say is, that was very well-played. I didn’t see that coming. And now all I want to do is to knit for this baby.

I want to make her a ‘wee Cria’, very sweet and very girly (I had no idea if she was to be a boy or girl, but knitting-wise gosh, I’m glad she’s a girl!).

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.22.42 pm

I think I even know the yarn I want to use.

Then I get this photo from my sister…


My new niece fits into the snug I made for her sister. And it fits now. And how amazing does it look? How happy am I about hand-me-downs? How this would not have worked had she been a boy!

I think I can give myself a week’s reprieve. Finish my Istanbul socks which I’m loving to bits and catch-up on some other knitting… before I lose my head and knit for this baby… but then again I might need to make something for her sister at the same time, that’s fair right?

Much to Damian’s disgust I’ve been openly listening to Outlander for hours and hours. I think I’m almost ready to start watching the TV series as I’m nearing the end of the first book.

Go see what everyone else is knitting and crafting this week by visiting Ginny’s blog.


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