Sock drawer love

Recently on my new favourite podcast (The Knitmore Girls, like I had to say), Jasmin has been talking about ‘sock drawers’. Now for the avid sock knitter (or sock yarn stasher), photographs of hand knit sock drawers are terribly inspiring. You can go take a look at the pics on this thread on Ravelry, where people have been posting.

My hand knit socks are housed in an ikea tub, so not exactly beautifully presented. After a bit of rearranging (what else are long-weekends for), I’ve neatened up the tub and taken a snap. Now the challenge is to get more of my delicious sock yarn turned into socks. That’s if I ever get my tub back from Purl.

IMG_1065 IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1071‘I have your socks, you go now’

One thought on “Sock drawer love

  1. You know, if you knitted socks for your cat, even though you’d have to do 4 at a time, they’d be a whole lot quicker. I think it is giving you a message here….

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