One of my favourite guilty pleasures is knitting (and sometimes spinning), whilst listening to knitting podcasts. I have had a few of my favourite podcasts suddenly stop recording or taper off over the years, so I haven’t indulged in this as often as I’d like up until recently. For the record, I am totally grateful for the podcast shows which have brought me entertainment and have enhanced my knitting experience all of which has been provided to me for FREE. I understand that not all good things can last forever, but I’m rather sad when it’s over.

Happiness is… discovering a new knitting podcast that is one of the best I’ve listened to, then finding I had 240 -odd episodes to catch up on. Even better, is starting at episode 1 and finding that they were always awesome, so I have MANY hours of quality listening ahead of me. I’m referring to ‘The Knitmore Girls’. Thanks Deb for sending me their way.

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