Tulip socks

Unfortunately there’s someone in my house who loves my socks more than me, and for all the wrong reasons.


These days I’ve taken to wearing my hand knit socks around the house with my slippers on, it is my only defence against a naughty clawing cat. I think she only wants at them because they’re on my feet. Whilst disaster has not yet struck, I figure it’s only a matter of time before she puts a hole in my socks without some protection.


As we all know, I’m a bit behind on my Cookie A sock knitting, these Tulip socks are from the April shipment of the club. Whilst I cast-on way back then, these socks were a quick, fast knit that were put on the back burner until recently. Knitting them made me realise how much I enjoy knitting charted lace socks.

Now to decide what to knit next, I have 2 club shipments to do, ‘plain and simple’ to finish, and I’m itching to cast on a cardigan (not in 4ply, or lace weight). I think I’ll spend some time pondering my stash versus my queue. hmm

One thought on “Tulip socks

  1. lol!
    just keep her claws regularly clipped and have a toy to distract her – she will grow out of it. She’s a kitten still and everything it PLAYTIMETHINGS!

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