The Anticipation

I love surprises, especially when I’m making the surprise. There’s the whole ‘don’t let the cat out of the bag’ part. The planning, the deciding, the satisfaction of making something special for a special person.

So when ‘someone’ in my knitting group announced she was having a baby and then very graciously said, you don’t have to make me a group blanket because I’ve got several already made… it only made the surprise more of a surprise! Challenge accepted.

“Ok (insert name here), you don’t need a baby blanket, but have you made the Monster pants yet?!”, was the thought I had in my head, of course I didn’t say it out loud, that would ruin the surprise…

I made the monster pants once again for a most awesome gal. In colours I know she’ll love, I made one improvement on my last pair. The pants have a waist band. Poor Marilyn’s pants have started sliding down now that she crawls. The band can be adjusted as well, with a bit of unpicking.

I can’t wait to give them to her tomorrow, after which this blog entry will be published, I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.

There will also be several other surprises given tomorrow by other members of the group. It’s going to be a squee fest.



One thought on “The Anticipation

  1. Thank you so much Sonia 🙂 You are an awesome friend and a generous knitter! Our baby will be rocking those monster pants…

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