Hell has frozen over

I went to Ikea today. I haven’t been in years. I still get the shivers thinking about what happened last time. Damian decided not to join me, which was a very good thing. I was in and out of Ikea in under 20 minutes; with a bit of pre-planning I knew what I wanted needed and now hopefully I can keep Purl from messing with my stash. Just quietly, I felt like a winner getting out of Ikea in record time. I might have to plan more trips like this.

IMG_0399 IMG_0398

Hopefully Purl doesn’t take up rock climbing.

The monster pants are all done and I’m just finishing the sleeves on Marilyn’s matching cardigan. I’ll get Damian to take proper modelled photos next weekend. I can’t wait to hand it over and see my sister’s reaction.


The next instalment of my Cookie A sock club arrived on Friday. I love the yarn and the colour but unfortunately that means I’m way behind. Oh well, that’s life.

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