Little Monster

DSC_2806 It was Marilyn’s 1st birthday party today. I finally got to hand over her monster pants and they were a real hit! Sadly the matching cardigan I made was a little snug… I tried to adjust a 10ply pattern to suit the 8ply yarn I used in the pants. Sadly it’s a ‘slim’ fit.’ Oh well,’ I said. ‘Your next kid can wear it’. It was a bit disappointing to me and no doubt the parents. The pants only took a week to knit, the cardigan 2 weeks…

I’ll just have to make her another cardigan. But first, Still light, I can’t forget about you.


It was funny watching Marilyn crawling around with her little monster bottom. I can highly recommend this as a fun knit.


5 thoughts on “Little Monster

  1. Oh I love those monster pants, they look fantastic. The cardigan is gorgeous too and pity it is a snug fit. I wonder if you soaked it and blocked it out a bit if it would fit a bit better.

    1. Thanks Sue. My sister insists the cardigan fits, it just needed the buttonholes to be made a little smaller, which I fixed today when I was lucky enough to get another visit from my smiley niece. Swoon 🙂

  2. eeee adorable. luckily it’s winter now, so she just needs to wear the cardi all the time until it warms up!

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