The Lakehouse

I’m in New York!

I’ve spent the last 20 plus hours travelling to get here, and somehow strangely it’s still the same day! The parallel existence of time when planning to meet Damian in New York and the different time zones, led me to think of my favourite movie ‘The Lakehouse’. Or it could just be the jet-lag.

I also thought of the film when Purl gave me one last snuggle as I set to leave at 4am on Sunday. I tried to explain to her that I was coming back (despite the suitcases) and that she was in good hands and that it was only 2 weeks. Well, 2 weeks in cat years is like 21 weeks and I felt crushed by the guilt and all the last smooches she gave me. Cats are not dumb. Why can’t she always be that affectionate?

Tomorrow begins my 5 days of personal touring of the city. Show me your yarn stores!

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