Day 8 Snow Day 2

What started out as the coldest day ever, turned to flurry at about 3pm and actual real snow by the time we left from dinner. It is the first time I’ve seen snow, ever. Now I can say I’ve walked through snow in New York! Gosh my gloshers were awesome.

Today we boarded the Straten Island Ferry and made a round trip. I got a closer look at the statue of Liberty… in the freezing cold.


Next we visited the High line, which is an urban space created from the old elevated railways which ran alongside 10th avenue. It is a great looking walkway which has been tastefully upcycled from the ruins of an old railway bridge. By the time we were done here, it was super cold, and flurrying.

Here’s a pic of Damian heading back after dinner, we managed to not slip on the slush and to get back to our hotel in one piece, a fun and exciting night for us!


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