Day 5 Highlights

Today I finally got to the top of the Empire State building and it was brilliant, even better than the Rockefeller centre… I was actually very excited to be at the top of such an iconic building, (Sleepless in Seattle, is one of my all time favourite movies).

I’ve recognised that I actually like to ascend to tall heights and I kind of attribute that, to well, something that happened on my grade 5 camp. Unfortunately I won’t be able to scale the Statue of Liberty this time around, the island has been closed for some time due to the hurricane. The audio tour for the Empire State helped bring the buildings to life. I didn’t stop at just the 86th observatory deck, I went all the way to 102.



After lunch, I headed off to the Lion Brand Studio to do a class in dyeing self-striping sock yarn. It was great fun, and I’ll have a great souvenir of my time here when I get around to knitting the dyed sock blank into socks.

Now that concludes my yarn tour of New York. There will be more sight seeing next, but probably not any more of the yarny kind.


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