Day 4 Highs and lows

I woke up this morning and saw this:


I know, from up here it looks like we’re staying in a slum, at over $300 a night, I assure you we are not. There’s a fair bit of construction going on around, not that noticeable when you’re on the ground, but clearly visible from our studio room.

Returning to what I meant to say: it was cold, the coldest morning so far. 5 degrees. Today was not a good day to go to the top of the Empire state building, tomorrow is going to be better, at least I think so.

I had to rearrange my schedule which included a little more discount clothes shopping and a few yarn stores for good measure.

I was disappointed by the first two stores I visited today. They happen to reside in the same building. In the first store, I wasn’t even acknowledged, the store people were out the back behind a curtain. I could hear them speak in a foreign language, I thought I had made enough noise for them to realise someone was there, but perhaps I’m mistaken. Regardless of this, their range seemed insignificant and wasn’t displayed so well for a company of this calibre. I’ve seen this yarn presented in a much better fashion in Melbourne, shame on them.

The second store, whilst it had some good quality yarn and some unbranded yarn from mills, the store owner didn’t make me feel welcome at all. Whilst I could have purchased, there wasn’t anything I ‘just had to have’, yes we are at that point with the yarn purchasing. I wasn’t sorry to leave these stores empty handed.

I visited ‘Gotta Knit’ next. Lovely store owner, small range of yarns, but boy oh boy did she have some beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn from Pagewood Farm. I couldn’t resist this skein, for $24 I thought it was a bargain. She explained it was part of their trunk show. She said all of her sock yarn she stocks was hand-dyed, because if you’re going to knit socks, it better be out of something amazing (or words to that effect). I liked her.


Then lastly for today, I visited the closest yarn store to our Hotel, Downtown Yarns. This is a very nice store. Beautiful yarn, displayed well and has a friendly store owner and assistant. I only just resisted buying more Koigu, let’s be serious. In return I chose a skein of Frog Tree sock.


I have a couple of fun things to do tomorrow, until then.

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