Weddings, anniversaries anything

Phew! How busy has it been? Last weekend we celebrated my youngest sisters wedding, it was a big day which left me pretty well exhausted for the remainder of the week. Here’s a photo of my outfit for inquiring minds. My feet are still sore from wearing the heels.



This weekend was our wedding anniversary and we celebrated by going away for the weekend. Whilst our home was being cat-sat (the yarn stash was safe), we missed Purl greatly. Luckily we had a ‘privacy cat’ as a stand-in. The stuffed toy amuses me much more now than it has in the past. A good sign I’ve crossed over to being a cat person. The upside to the toy cat is she doesn’t mess with my yarn and I could leave knitting projects unattended.

Speaking of knitting… My first installment of the Cookie A sock club arrived this week just in time for the weekend away. Apart from starting my socks 3 times, I’m really really enjoying the knitting and yarn so far. The club is proving to be a lot of fun already, and oh my gosh, I might even bake some cookies, I have never baked cookies.
Till next time.


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