Hand-spun, hand-knit socks

One of life’s little luxuries is a pair of hand-knit socks. I wear nothing else about the house and I rarely wear them outside of home. Put simply, I feel the most comfort when they are upon my feet. Since I’ve discovered this pleasure I’ve done my best to boost my personal hand-knit sock tally. It’s true I only have two feet; but the reason I strive for many pairs of socks, is so that I’m never without a clean pair and more importantly I want to extend the wearing cycle to limit the wear and tear on them. Socks get holes…
Finally, my love of spinning and socks have come together in these…

The fibre was from The Thylacine sock club from earlier this year. I was lucky enough to score an extra 50 gms from Melanie, so I could make extra long socks (Thanks Mel!). The fibre was spun as singles, then Navajo plied to maintain the colour gradients, this part makes me excited, I could spend hours staring at the magical transitions between burgandy and bright red and back again. To further maximise my handspun, because I hate having leftover sock yarn, I used the universal toe-up sock pattern from Knitty. It was a very well written pattern and was adjustable to whatever your gauge. I would use this pattern again, it was my friend.

Just a little catch-up with my other projects: my cowl and mitts have been finished and in use for weeks; I did fall short of making a hat to complete my winter set, but I don’t really wear hats and I had another pressing baby knit to do. The Baby Yoda sweater was a fun little knit and I got to do a bit of i-cord. I’m looking forward to seeing my niece in it as soon as I can schedule a meet and a cuddle.

I haven’t done a Bendigo wrap-up, because well… the yarn fumes. The stash shelf has been rearranged to accommodate, the only thing I didn’t squeeze onto the shelf was 2kgs of Pear Tree ::gulp:: My stash and I are an island.

Lastly, I’m running a little comp over on the Richmond Knitters Blog, follow that blog and you’ll have a chance to win a skein of my handspun! Details over on the Richmond Knitters blog.

I’m off to cast-on Golden Wheat, have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Hand-spun, hand-knit socks

  1. Wearing handknit socks is the best; handknit socks + cup of tea = an Anna that is most of the way to a better place. Even washing them makes me cheerful; they looks so nice hanging on the line in the sunshine!

    Also, that wee cardigan is super adorable!

  2. Love all the gorgeousness above, so lovely that I can’t wait to cast on my handspun birthday pressie xx

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