Warning! Lots of baby photos ahead 🙂

We visited Marilyn two weekends ago. I am not being biased at all to say she is the cutest and most perfect baby I’ve ever met. She’s really good at being cuddled too.

These are the official blanket photos:

Yeah, not much blanket in there! But do you really need to see the blanket?

Last weekend after completing my Winter set mitts, I cast-on for the ‘Snug’. I was inspired by Marilyn’s cuteness and also her parent’s admiration for my hand-knits so far. I made some quick progress on the hoody early on and I was certain it would be finished in time for this weekend. But then I lagged behind after having a particularly busy week (not to mention some grueling gym sessions; I showed up to a cycling class at 7:30am on Monday morning to find I had signed up for a RUNNING class, yep, that was pretty funny, not).

This morning I woke and discovered I would be getting a visit from my newest niece. Needless to say that was all the motivation I needed to push through and complete the hooded cardigan in record time. Little Marilyn gave me a bit more time by pee-ing everywhere at her home, giving me an extra 20 mins to complete the button band and sew on the buttons, 5 mins before their arrival. I love this baby! Once again the parents were thrilled. I was thrilled that they were thrilled.

I’ve cast-on for a Baby Yoda Sweater. Alert the media, I have discovered the meaning of knitting.

2 thoughts on “Smitten

  1. What a beautiful post Sonia, and yes, what an adorable darling girl! You not only have a new niece but also a new model to make your knitwear look even more impressive. We missed you so much this weekend.

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