My Birkin tale of woe

So many lessons can be learnt from attempting to knit Birkin, the infamous colour work sweater by Caitlin Hunter.

These things have come to my mind in the last day:

– If you’re going to fail, fail fast and hard and then move on

– Pattern reviews are super important, but not even as important as the shared experience of your knitting friends who have been knitting ahead of you. PAY ATTENTION to their advice. AND If you don’t remember what size you cast on, STOP and CHECK!

– Good colour choices are not the most important thing, they don’t make ill-fitted sweaters fit any better

– I’m not going to have the same issues as other knitters, disasters don’t happen to me. YES THEY DO! I’m quite capable of messing up, thank you very much

– I’m not knitting it again, nope

Without further ado, here’s the last photo you’ll see of my Birkin:

On the theme of failed yoke sweaters, here’s my new Cowl 🙂

Whilst I was tidying up some WIPs, I made the decision on this freeform yoke that I began in a class several years ago. It’s so important to get the shaping correct, right from the start.

Despite the Birkin setback, my Granny Square Crochet Sweater is finished and I love it. I need to take some photos when the weather is less sweaty. The WIP count is going down in time for February. Yippee.

5 thoughts on “My Birkin tale of woe

  1. Oh sorry about the Birkin. I was hoping you actually finished it. If it was too small for you, then you could have sent it to me:). Was it too small to go over your head? For all my knitting projects I keep exercise books so when I put the project down I can come back to it in a day or in a year and know exactly where I am. I always have details about cast on etc.. I am still knitting the Soldotna and had to cast on twice because the first attempt didn’t go over my head. I relied on a swatch that was made in the round but not fairisle in the round. I am making it in sport weight and not the DK weight as the pattern was written. Going to make it longer and about to start putting in some waist shaping. Onwards with our knitting goals for 2021. I will not be buying any wool this year but try to complete my WIPS. Time is really limited.

    1. You are too kind Sharon, but no I’m not going to let you knit it for me! I may still re-knit it in the size up… depending on the choice/s the Richmond Knitters make for this years Bendigo sweater. The yoke at the current size doesn’t fit properly over my shoulders. The colours are pretty aren’t they 😦

  2. I’ll send you the wool…and you can make one for me Sharon:P. Joking. I hope you are well, and I hope that we can travel again soon so I can come to a knit night.

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