10 good things about the Bendigo Sheep Show being cancelled in 2020

  1. I don’t need any more yarn, fibre, or cool gadgets

So we’re all taking a year off from Bendigo. Friends have done this in the past and by all reports they have survived. Good thing I have a stash of yarn and fibre as if the world was going to end… it’s not.

But it’s not all about me, the knitters, spinners and hoarders are only one part of the Sheep Show. I worry about the farmers and stallholders who rely on the show for their livelihood. I’m going to do my best by supporting them online. Bendigo has started in April this year…

2 thoughts on “10 good things about the Bendigo Sheep Show being cancelled in 2020

  1. Yes it has. And it is a lovely time to have a birthday!! You have enabled me and possibly others to go online thereby supporting the indie dyers of Australia. They must be super busy because of you and many others like you:)

  2. Ha! You are hilarious! I was wondering how on earth you could come up with ten good things! No. 1 is also a good reason for me. I do not need anything at all, but want is a different matter! I was thinking of possibly being a vendor at Bendigo soon so I am looking forward to next year, in whatever capacity I attend.

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