A close finish

Last week I wrote how I was on the home stretch to finishing my knee-high Fluorite socks in a KAL with my sister.

On the weekend, I went out for dinner with just a few rows left to go on my socks…  Whilst D was in the restroom I checked my emails on my phone… and saw this message from my sister…


Can you believe it?! I certainly couldn’t! It serves me right for thinking I could come first in KAL (yes Knit-alongs are a race!)

I’m happy for my sister and I’m happy for me because my socks are now also finished.


3 thoughts on “A close finish

  1. You are lovely!! I had no idea that it was a race. I saw it as a shared experience knitting the same thing together (well virtually the same…minus the increases for my big cycling/running calves and panic introductions of a NQR colour) albeit on opposite sides of the country. I see why La Bien Aimee’s yarn is so popular. It is beautiful to knit with…can’t wait to finish these and do a matching vest.

    1. Thanks Sharon. Hope to be in Melbourne towards the end of the year and early new year and hopefully there is a Richmond knitters meet up around that time so I can attend. Loved meeting you all last year in April.

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