Yellow Mellow

This week I’ve been working on my Aislinn cardigan by Amy Herzog. I’ve wanted this cardigan forever, and then I got cold feet after I cast it on. You see, the pattern doesn’t have a button band. I’ve made enough cardigans now to know I need a button band. So I’ve incorporated one into my knitting.

The pattern is also knit in pieces. I know (!) I could have put it together to make it seamless, but I was afraid I would need to think a little too much. And it’s not going to kill me to knit it in pieces. So I’ve persevered.

My interest in it has renewed and I’m confident it’s going to work out, hopeful even, that this cardigan will be one I reach for frequently. I’m up to the second front and then I’ve just got 2 x 3/4 sleeves to go.


I’m looking forward to getting this off my needles so I can cast on another sweater for myself. There’s not been enough of that.


This week I found out that I was unsuccessful in the Knit Girls lottery for a place in their Portland retreat in March 2017. Whilst I was disappointed to miss out, I’m relieved to finally put those plans behind me and to think of new ones for next year. Who knows?!


I’m progressing on my Smooth Operator socks by Susan B Anderson. I’m knitting this in some Fab Funky Fibres yarn. It’s my ‘knit night’ project because it doesn’t need a lot of concentration. I’m remaining fairly monogamous with my projects at the moment, to finish them is an incentive to not feel guilty about starting new ones. And I really want to start something new!

What projects are you dreaming about starting?

6 thoughts on “Yellow Mellow

  1. I’m teaching myself to crochet. Although I should be doing my first sweater. I’ve just got Amy Herzog’s “You can knit that” and there’s a couple in there I want to do. Also socks. Waiting for my next lot of Must stash star wars yarn and special autumn colourway for school of stash which are somewhere in Australia according to tracking but not in my stash yet!!

    1. I’m impressed about your self-taught crochet! I had a good friend teach me years ago. There’s a certain co-ordination you need… which I had none of. Yes! Your first sweater, I look forward to the cast-on!

  2. The colour of your Aislinn is glorious! I’m dreaming about starting a Summer dress to go with the Summer cardigan I’m currently knitting – although it’s anyone’s guess when the warm weather will actually appear around here…

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