Sweater saver


You may recall my utter happiness and joy of knitting my Grace cardigan; the pattern and the gorgeous soft wool made my heart sing.

This glee turned to a touch of sorrow with for each subsequent wear (and there was only 3 wears), my luxurious organic merino cardigan was PILLING!

IMG_1065 Pilling EVERYWHEREIMG_1062

My gorgeous cardigan was turning into one big fluff ball. And I stopped wearing it for a few weeks…IMG_1063

Then, entered this marvellous machine:


It’s been in my toolkit for a few years, but it’s never been more needed than now.

I turned it on and:


IMG_1069 IMG_1071

The fluff balls have magically disappeared.

I’m a little weary of wearing it again so soon. I’m no fool, I know those balls will return and then I’ll be in an endless cycle of joy and sadness. That’s life I guess.




4 thoughts on “Sweater saver

  1. I have been looking for the last few weeks for an electric lint shaver but have not been successful as yet. I do hope your grace cardigan stops pilling.

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