Gung ho

There is no other way to describe my enthusiasm for wanting to complete my hexagon crochet blanket.

After knitting with the Richmond Knitters on Monday night (and inspired by my conversation with Blanket Queen Extra-ordinnaire, Katie), I felt inclined to work out just how much I had left to do.


Hexagons are not squares, so the only way I could figure things out was by drawing a schematic. I had 24 balls of the Noro Taiyo to begin with, each ball makes 10 hexagons roughly. And each rosette is made from 7 hexagons. I’d also decided I was going to ‘finish’ the edges, so that they will be straight and I would also be needing a bunch of half-hexagons. Clearly I needed a drawing to work all this out.


I began by drawing a 4 x 6 rosette blanket (with the edges filled in), that wasn’t working, too narrow. Then I drew a 4 x 5 rosette blanket… it seems like it will be big enough… then I thought, why not go for a 5 x 5 rosette blanket? I’ll have just enough for all the rosettes, the filling-in hexagons and the half hexagons. Then (at my leisure) I can pick up another ball or 2 to do the finishing border… I’m super inspired by Dover and Madden’s blanket. Whilst my blanket will have a completely different look to it, hers is so pretty and I appreciate her explanation of making square edges.


So I’ll need:

25 rosettes (7 hexagons each)

50 single hexagons (as filling in the gaps hexagons)

15 half hexagons.

So far I have:

15 rosettes (10 to go)

42 single hexagons (8 to go) and

12 half hexagons (3 to go).

I love goals.



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