Wednesday WIPs – Two more sleeps!

My Grace cardigan is finished, hurrah!DSC_6597

The design is by Jane Richmond and the yarn is Lisa Souza’s Organic Merino. It was a real pleasure to knit to the pattern and the wool, oh my, the wool was so nice to work with.

DSC_6608I have the perfect souvenir from Stitches West, my new favourite cardigan.





Gosh my hair looks short!


This by default, is now my ‘Bendigo’ cardigan… squee, just 2 more sleeps!


As a late addition, I thought I might also need a new cowl to go with my new cardigan.


It’s a(nother) Honey Cowl, in my hand spun. Coincidently it is also organic merino, but the fibre is from Southern Cross Fibre. There were 5 different colours and I tried to blend them through, somewhat. Here’s hoping it’s finished in time for Friday.


Meanwhile I’ve also begun ‘the’ baby blanket. I’m so excited by how this is turning out already, have I finally found the perfect baby blanket pattern?

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