Thursday Catch-up

I thought I might catch-up in pictures. It’s been a few weeks and before the silence gets too long I just wanted to say ‘hi’ this is what I’ve been doing.

Secret Knitting business for a Richmond Knitter…


It involved cake and cupcakes and Girl Guide cookies…



I inspired my colleagues to make Pom Poms (as you do). Someone made the largest one, it’s the size of a rockmelon! I thought that was meant to be the pom pom maker size for a hat topper, I guess not…


I helped Ursula on her stand at the Handknitters Guild Annual Yarn and Fibre Fair. It was fun being an enabler for once!



I went away for yet another crafty weekend…


I did some knitting and left the quilting to the quilters



Then Jo showed up with goodies from the Red Beard Bakery.

A weekend progress shot of my Grace Cardigan. (I’m now up to the sleeves!)IMG_0585

Damian’s been making some outstanding food at home, and dessert…IMG_0602

I knit a chook sweater, but the chook didn’t want to wear it…IMG_0604

I attended a Crafternoon, my last one for a while with a very special Knitter.


We presented her with a blanket the group had made. Ahh… such sadness, and happiness for the amazing friends made through knitting.


Our best blanket yet I think…

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