My visit to San Francisco

After eight years of being away,  I returned to visit San Francisco on Valentine’s Day. I can see the irony.

The first thing I did after getting off the plane (and after checking in at my hotel and taking a shower), was to visit my old neighbourhood in the Marina district.


Much to my surprise and pleasure; nothing had changed, aesthetically speaking.


Not a damn thing. That was my greatest fear, and probably what kept me away for so long; that going back would somehow diminish my memory of one of my most inspiring times. The memory that I walk through like it’s a dream.


My personal landmarks, our apartment, my dry-cleaner, my local yarn store, heck even the muni bus tickets… were all the same as they were. Nothing has changed in eight years. It’s like I left the city as a time capsule.


Intellectually I know it has changed. My local friends told me it was busier and much more expensive than it was when I was living there.


The cable car rides are as fabulous as they were and the cable car drivers just as hilarious.


A pre-stitches visit to Imagiknit was in order. I hate to say it, but now with a few fabulous Melbourne yarn stores, Imagiknit had lost a bit of it’s shine for me. That’s not a bad thing.


I still managed to buy a project and a tiny wee sheep for my desk at work.


A bridge visit was mandatory.


As was a visit to the Palace of Fine Arts, my number one favourite place in San Francisco. I couldn’t really get across to Debs (my travelling partner), why it was so amazing, she thought I was just taking her to some park. Until we got there, then I think she got it.




Debs wanted to see the Painted Ladies, I was happy to oblige.


We caught up with a few of my SF Knitting buddies and there were many laughs to be had and suddenly the eight year gap had closed.


There was a visit to Coit Tower (because I had never been, and this was a regret) Did I tell you Debs has a wicked sense of humour?



A walk down the crooked street was also in order.


And. We went shopping!

That was my visit to San Francisco after all this time and as I said to Deb, I’m no longer living in the past. That makes me happy. I’ve created some new memories of the city and Debs created a lot of laughs. I don’t think I could have had a better time in SF* and I have Deb to thank for that.


*ok maybe with my husband because I have to say that


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