Wednesday WIP – Still blooming

Despite my desperation about knitting at the moment, I was unable to finish the Bloom tunic/dress by the weekend for a visit with my family. It’s been a busy week! Nonetheless I’m very happy with how Bloom is shaping up and I’ve had some very kind comments about it from The Richmond Knitters. This ‘Use It or Lose It’ project is definitely a keeper.

Catching up with my sister reminded me of why I love knitting for her babies. Niece #2 was wearing niece #1 hand-me-down: Baby Yoda Sweater. Ahhhhhhh…


At one point she even made the same wide yawn her sister had when Damian snapped this 2.5 years ago:

386991_10151175558501754_1353229814_nIt makes the knitting time all worthwhile…

Getting back to Bloom, I couldn’t resist popping in the ribbon early, it still needs it’s ends trimmed. Little girls and ribbon are so pretty… I suspect it will need to have a double-knot so she doesn’t pull it out.




Have a great week!

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