Wednesday WIP – formally Yarn Along

I have enjoyed writing a regular blog post on Wednesdays, but I was beginning to feel like a fraud by participating in ‘Yarn Along’. For one thing, I just don’t get through that many books. Therefore, I’m going on my own, Wednesday WIPs will be landing in your inbox from now on in. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop reporting on books, there just won’t be the expectation!

This week my Cookie A Arrow socks had a second social outing. Catching up with my tri-craftual friends at the weekend, I enjoyed a few pleasurable hours knitting, chatting and eating plenty of delights at Jo’s home.


#Latergram By the time you’re reading this I’m hoping the socks will be finished and I’ll have cast-on something new. It seems I am indeed monogamous.


Whilst at Jo’s place, a visit to Amitie Textiles was in order, and whilst I did not buy anything from this patchwork shop… seeing Amanda’s latest project did sway me to the dark side, just a little. She is in the process of sewing/embroidering a quilt which has a map of Paris on top. It turns out you can buy all sorts of cities maps from this company. I was in awe.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.03.41 pm

San Francisco is also available… I think I have a project for our next gathering in Hepburn Springs.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.02.52 pm

No really. The SF map has the street where we used to live. Can’t you tell I was sucked in? I wouldn’t need to do much piecing together. The quilt top is largely taken up with the map panel, then I just need to add a frame, buy some backing fabric and the woollen fabric for the in-between and presto, I’ll be walking down the streets of San Francisco as I’m quilting away. The website encourages you to personalise your quilt. I could pop in our apartment, my local yarn store, you get the picture.

I’m only 4 weeks away from re-visiting my old neighbourhood. I’m a little excited, nervous and afraid. This idolised memory I have of SF could be totally destroyed. Or not. I hope not. One thing is for certain, there will be souvenir yarn.

And then coincidently in some ways, I’ve just finished listening to Kafta on the Shore. It seems Murakami’s books have a haunting message in them, (as well as being bizarre and weird). He leads you on this journey and it’s difficult to put all the pieces together, but some of them fit. I don’t think I can appreciate the full meaning to his work. He is pretty amazing. The audio book was excellently narrated and I felt this added to my experience of the book.

See you next week!

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