Yarn Along – Knit wave


It seemed highly unlikely to me, that I was going to finish any of my works in progress before heading back to work this week. Ironically the heatwave was the impetus for great slothfulness and a whole lotta knitting.

I cast on for the second sleeve on my Garance sweater and set myself the challenge to see how fast I could get it done. The next step was to join both sleeves to the body and begin the raglan shaping. Following that, the rest was history. It all happened so quickly, what a rush!


My Garance sweater is finished! The photo above was taken a number of hours before the final stitch was cast-off, the collar sewn down and the armpits kitchenered. Due to the afore-mentioned heatwave I haven’t had a chance to take a modelled photo yet.

I am pretty pleased with the result, I popped it on after midnight on Sunday night and it was clear to me that I will always need to wear a t-shirt/shirt underneath this ensemble.

During this, I also listened to many hours of Kafka on the Shore, and it’s almost finished, just 4 hours left.

You can take a look and see what everyone else is knitting and reading this week for Yarn Along over on Ginny’s blog.

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