Yarn Along – Ridiculous knitting


Summer is here and today I presented Damian with his mitts to model for me. A truly ridiculous notion to regular people, when it’s 34 degrees out. But for a Knitter and the people in her life, this is nothing out of the ordinary.



They weren’t a difficult knit, just fiddly when it came to the fingers. I also found on the second mitt that my spinning wasn’t the same thickness, the first mitt is slightly chunkier. So far D hasn’t mentioned it, perhaps with the sweat dripping from his palms he hasn’t checked things out too closely!

I don’t have a lot of other knitting to report on. With a visit to my new niece this weekend and her sleeping pleasantly in my arms, every now and again opening up her eyes for a little peek, I’m a little smitten.

Wee Cria is going to happen, I hope, does anyone know how to do magic? There will be 2 Wee Cria’s at the same time. A 6-9 month size and a 3 year old size. That gives me about 6 months to knit both in case I fall down. That’s sensible right? I’m discovering that perhaps knitting for M is a good investment of time, because at least C will get to wear my knits too.

A dismal amount of reading has been done this week on The Valley of Amazement. Mainly before work, because I’m waking up earlier than I’m physically required, so why not?

You can see what everyone else is up to this week by going to Ginny’s blog. See you next week.

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