Yarn Along – Hurrah, an FO!


Welcome to another week of Yarn-Along! To find out what everyone else is reading and knitting this week go to Ginny’s blog.

This week I completed my sister’s baby blanket, phew, the baby can arrive now and I’ve told my sister as much! Hopefully, I’ll have a couple of weeks to bask in the glory of having completed the blanket well-ahead of time…

I was browsing at books on my lunch-break one day this week and came upon a Mollie Makes Crochet book. I was really taken with this book and the number of cute projects it contains for the cover price of less than $15, it was a no-brainer to grab it. It also provided some much needed inspiration for the baby blanket border. The granny square blanket design in it, had a fabulous stripy border. I ditched the idea of the single colour frame and improvised.





It’s also been a very good mail week…


I finally stumped up for the shipping and bought these 2 marvellous books (and their pdfs), I’m so excited to be able to knit a couple of these projects, next year could be a sweater knitting year, and maybe a blanket year… sprinkled with some socks.


The latest installment of David’s SCF club also arrived, that man is a magician.

I’ve been listening to Outlander once again this week, it got me through that crochet border! It’s fabulous and the reader makes it so enjoyable. It’s time for a new book on my Kindle though.

Have a great week!


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