Yarn Along – Polka progress


It’s yarn along day again! Go see what everyone else is reading and knitting this week by going to Ginny’s blog.

I’ve been listening along to Outlander again this week and truly enjoying it. I do need to make more time to listen if I’m ever going to reach the end of (even) the first book. I’ve also begun reading Alpha by Jasinda Wilder on my Kindle, which seems very interesting (read: saucy) and well-written.

I’ve been working on the polka dot crochet baby blanket for my sister’s second baby, it’s beginning to look like something now. I’m thinking of laying out the patches as pictured, in this some kind of rainbow configuration, the original design was done this way. What do you think? Or should I mix it up? My goal for this week is to complete all the squares and have them stitched together, then it will just be the wide border to come and a wash block, I can’t wait for that!


I had a little crisis this week. I was in fear I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the border, I probably need 2 balls for it. The last time I went to Yarn & co. I discovered they didn’t carry this colour anymore, and then upon heading to Clegs and Morris & Sons, there was none, zero, zilch left. I then discovered online that the Wool Baa had some in stock; and I made the only decision a crazed knitter could do. I went there on my lunch break. I needed to get the last balls of this colour in Melbourne in my hands pronto.

Well the tram tracker lied, it took a lot longer to get there. I finally got to the store and I had the yarn in my sweaty little hands, success! But the clock was ticking and when there didn’t seem to be a tram in sight, I caught a taxi back to work, that’s how I roll or err… travel.






Taking stock of this project and packing away the left-overs of the colours I no longer required for this project, I found I had more of this yarn now than what I had to begin with, I don’t know what the moral of this story is, but it’s there somewhere.

Have a great week!

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