Exciting new things

The last few weeks I’ve been checking out a few ‘new to me’ knitting video-casts; which are podcasts with pictures!

I can’t emphasise how much I’m enjoying this new development. When I thought listening to podcasts was pretty awesome, having actual footage of the podcaster presenting is even better. The funnest part is the ‘show and tell’. Whether it’s WIP’s of FO’s that are being discussed to ‘in the mail’ segments. Yes, even fabulous hand-dyers and designers get excited about woolly packages, just like me. Best of all, it’s wonderful to see, watch and understand how ‘down-to-earth’, generous, and ‘normal’ these knitting heroes are. I think when you record yourself on video, there is no where to hide!

You should give it a try!

Check out Skein Yarns and the Susan B Anderson video casts on iTunes. There’s a couple of others I’m still to try, if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Warning: Watching knitting video-casts could lead to more project queueing, etsy purchasing, book purchasing and project dreaming, you have been warned.



My Honey Cowl is moving along, it’s my social knitting project so it’s not getting a lot of attention. It’s about halfway through and I’m loving how smooshy it feels. I’m still hoping to have it done for this cold weather.

2 thoughts on “Exciting new things

  1. Video podcasts are the best arent they. I have been watching lots of them over the last couple of years so here a few of my favourites.
    Bakery Bear podcast
    The Fat Squirrel Speaks
    Knitting In Circles
    In A Sknit
    Dramatic Knits
    The Knitgirllls
    A Down Under Yarn
    Swift Knits
    Most of these are on youtube and itunes and are all knitting podcasts. Bakery Bears is my newest and favourite as they knit and take you on tours around castles near them!

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