Shibui Knits Mix Party


On Tuesday evening I attended a very bespoke party at Woolarium, it was their very first Shibui Mix Party! Let me explain. Shibui make very fine luxurious yarns of all kinds of fibres. Most of the yarns are fine, so putting 2 of them together not only can create a unique luxury fabric, you also get about an 8 ply or greater gauge, it’s WIN/WIN.

The evening had the added bonus of having Kirsten Johnstone attend and take us through the process of swatching (read: playing) with the yarn. I had a total fan girl moment, admitting to her that we were Ravelry friends and that in fact she friended me first, you know, before she was famous! And boy is she famous! I am now kicking myself for not purchasing a pattern leaflet and getting her to autograph it, but you know, I only think of these things whilst I’m in the car travelling AWAY from the store… but I digress.

It was a lot of fun. Sharron the store owner did an amazing job in the organisation of it. Down to coding all of our little samples of yarn to the hand-out with all the formulas for putting the yarns together. Genius! I am in awe of it all. I didn’t make a rash buying decision, although I did come pretty close, hello Aperture. Just now, I’m enjoying doing the swatching of it all and pondering the possibilities. I see a lot of Shibui in my future.

I think this may the first of many events Sharron does at Woolarium, so you should totally get in touch. But if you find out about an event before I do, can you please put my name down too? This one was a sell-out.


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