Lose it?

I don’t know. I’m having doubts already.


1. Is it going to come up too thick to be a wrapped scarf? Probably. I cast on the alternative, not a tube, but the rolling stocking stitch design as per the pattern. I really, really, didn’t like how it looked carrying the yarn up the side and the wonky side stitches. As suspected, hence why the tube.

2. Am I really going to wear it, and love it? I don’t think so.

3. Why am I knitting this? I don’t know. Boo.

4. Will it work for something else? Something for a sweet niece? Nah, any garment would be too thick and warm for anyone.

Up for destash, 5 balls each of Cleckheaton Angora Supreme in soft pink and mauve, only slightly knit. PM me on ravelry for details.

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