In between the madness of knitting along with Ysolda’s Follow your Arrow knit along, I managed last week to finish knitting my Featherweight cardigan by Hannah Fettig.

I’m pretty pleased with it, and it didn’t take decades to knit. Although the 3.5 inch collar nearly did kill me, I had fair warning from Sharon and Kate about that. It’s just as well I didn’t rib it.

The Patonyle feels amazing on and I know it will last forever and ever. So long as Purl doesn’t get her claws into it. Special thanks to Damian for some lovely photos of my FO. Happy Anniversary D, I still feel very lucky to be married to you (despite my worried face below!).



I’m knitting on my 5th and final clue for Ysolda’s shawl. It’s another B clue! Somehow I ended up choosing ‘B’ all the way along, I just happen to prefer the B clues, I wonder what that says about me?!

5B is a knitted-on edging and it’s taking some time. I’m praying for some knitting fairies to work on it whilst I sleep.

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