Still Light


Hooray Still Light is finished!

I washed the tunic on Friday night and laid it flat to dry in the spare room. I went back to check on it a couple of times, gee it looked like it had grown! And then I was too afraid to look at it anymore. Finally today, I summoned up the courage to put it on to see what six months of knitting was worth. It hadn’t really grown, the fabric ‘relaxed’ and it was, well, perfect?!

I’m sure after a few wears I will think it was totally worth the time and effort. But right now, I’m taking pleasure in knitting smaller things.

Like my Anna Jarvis socks; mind you when I picked them up again yesterday, I questioned my sanity in choosing this pattern. Super pretty socks, but talk about complex, cables, bobbles and a starburst of a stitch that I’ve never ever done before and that’s just the leg, the foot on the other hand is a simple basket weave pattern. After finally completing the first leg, I did something I never do. I cast on the other leg before completing the first sock. I was really afraid if I didn’t do this the sheer thought of beginning the second sock after finishing the first sock was not going to happen.

So many things to knit now that I’m free from Still Light, so many socks to catch up on in the Cookie A sock club. I’ve even begun spinning again.

9 thoughts on “Still Light

  1. It’s so gorgeous!!! Totally beautiful and I am sure worth all the time, effort and knit focus.. I know that feeling of suddenly breaking out through the mist of one consuming pattern and seeing all the other things at my fingertips πŸ˜‰ enjoy!

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