A change of mindset

Now going on a yarn and fibre buying hiatus is not going to be a great hardship for me. In fact it’s going to be a pleasure. On the odd occasion that I swear off yarn buying, my mind switches over from needing/wanting all the beautiful things to seeing/playing/using delicious yarn. It’s a good feeling. It’s winter and this little squirrel is going to be feasting on the acorns she’s been collecting.

I’m pressing forward with my Still light, despite hearing the news of Louisa’s woes with hers. I’m fairly sure I won’t have the same issues. I haven’t made anything too large for myself for a long while, only things on the small side…

Here’s where I’m at with it, only 3/4 to go!


And because I love sharing photos of Purl, here she is in her tunnel. Yes, our house is a kitten wonderland.


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