Day 2 Hanging with the locals


It rained today. I knew it was going to rain and it’s going to rain tomorrow also. So instead of going to the very top of the empire state building today as originally planned, I opted for Thursday’s itinerary instead.

I just want to say how I kicked metro butt today. Everything went to plan, I caught the right trains, found the right train stations, I knew what I was doing and where I was going. By the end of these two weeks I’m going to know this town like the back of my palm.

First up on Thursday’s itinerary was the Metropolitan museum of modern art, perfect for wet day weather, i guess everyone else had the same idea. I was warned about how big this place is, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what I experienced. It is the most amazing museum I’m ever likely to see. So much art on display, and how it is displayed is breath-taking. I recall hearing how our own national gallery in Melbourne, can only show like 10 percent of it’s collection at any one time due to space, after seeing what I saw today, I say build a bigger gallery. As per usual, I was running behind ‘schedule’, I didn’t actually leave the gallery until about 2:30pm. I was delayed slightly because I can verify this museum has at least 3 cloak rooms, 3. it was time for some more yarn store shopping.

I went to Annie’s and Co. which is a delightful store on Madison Ave. It had the whole rainbow of malabrigo, lots of Mongolian cashmere in different weights, art yarns fancy pants sequins and beads yarn, almost $50 for a 50 gm skein! There was lots, lots more of course. The staff were helpful and pleasant. I picked up these beauties. The mad tosh light had only just come in and was walking out the door, I felt obliged to grab a charcoal skein. The watermelon choices are self explanatory!


I then caught the train down to String Yarns. It is a lovely bright store with beautiful yarns displayed elegantly. They have Koigu. Koigu RPMM, Koigu merino/silk and Koigu cashmere. I had to pass on the cashmere, at $50 for a 50 gram skein, sanity prevailed. Unfortunately I saw fit to get 3 skeins of the merino/silk for an unknown shawl, 2 skeins of RPMM and a skein of New Zealand yarn (yep) which made me loose my mind when I touched the knitted sample. It’s called Zealana AIR, and it’s been dyed by Koigu, koiguuu 40% Cashmere, 40% Brushtail Possum Down and 20% Mulberry Silk. Now do you understand?

It was a nine skein total day again. Oh dear.


4 thoughts on “Day 2 Hanging with the locals

  1. Definitely no need to explain the Watermelon skeins, they’re so you! Oh my goodness, cashmere, possum down and silk, does it melt like butter in your fingers?!?

  2. isn’t NYC the BEST?!
    how was your experience in String. I found them insufferably rude. Even if i’d had the money to buy the arts yarns, i wouldn’t have. they looked at me in my travellers shabby not-so-chic and judged me completely and utterly.
    Knitty City on the otherhand is AWESOME, as is gotta knit and the woolgathering (best yarny windows i’ve ever seen)
    I’m still gutted i didn’t buy anything at Purl Soho, but OH WELL! guess i’ll just have to go back to NYC one day!

    1. I had a positive experience at String! I guess yarn stores can have their good days and their bad. Wool gathering I believe has closed since you visited NY, so I didn’t get to visit that one!

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