Make hay while the sun shines

I woke up this morning knowing there would be something new to cast-on, I could feel it.

I’ve spun quite a bit of fibre into yarn, but thus far I’ve knit very little of my hand spun. My 200 grams of GaGa Bunny had already being wound into a ball months ago, it was an obvious choice. I’ve been eyeing off the pattern ‘Zuzu’s Petals’ for a while now. It is a rather clever pattern and looks great by all accounts of the people who have made it on Ravelry. It’s a cowl/shawl! I love pretty shawls, but I get a bit fussy about how to wrap the things to make them stay on; this is a great solution because it is a cowl that looks like a shawl wrapped around your neck.

I love holidays!



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