A feast for the senses

Today I attended a craft market put on by some of my friends (Robyn came too and was equally excited). It was held at Jo’s beautiful home, which was made over for the purpose.

These are some of my oldest friends, i.e. we’ve known each other since we worked together over 10 years ago. They are multi craftual and incredibly talented, and when I walked into Jo’s home this morning, I wanted to buy everything!

I went away on a crafting weekend with a few of them less than a month ago, so I had a little taste of things to come, and I made sure I got there early today!

I got a little bit of Christmas shopping done, but let’s be honest, I got some beautiful things for me as well. When I entered the first room, I spotted my name embroidered on a sweet little project bag; why of course I had forgotten about placing a pre-order with Bek whilst away on our weekend. Luckily, no other ‘Sonia’s’ had snapped it up!

I was rather pleased to find Karen had completed the baby playmat I saw her work on and I quickly picked that up for yes you guessed it… Marilyn. She did her first deliberate rollover this week, I got a cute video emailed to me to prove it, I was impressed by her acrobatics.

I loved the padded coat hangers by Rae, and the screen printed teas towels by Jo. I also bought ‘one of each’ of Jo’s desserts to take home for my sweet (not pictured here for good reason!). So many beautiful things and I didn’t buy it all. I feel so happy to be able to keep (some) of these things and I know the hands that made them. I hope they do it again next year.







2 thoughts on “A feast for the senses

  1. Thanks for your very kind words Sonia, and thanks for coming along to support us. Maybe you’ll join us next year with something special of your own to sell??

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