I’ve had a couple of knitting casualties recently. There’s the charcoal swing coat: I washed it for the first time to finally settle down the puckered pleats. The pleats looked a whole lot better but the cardigan grew exponentially and is destined for a frogging.

Then there was my first pair of socks to wear through a hole (I knit them for Damian but they were reclaimed), the fact it was probably the second pair of socks I knit I was willing to accept this from the yarn.

This week I popped on these socks and almost the exact same thing has occurred. Same injury, same yarn, socks which have died before their time.

The decision was simple, unfortunately I won’t be continuing with my ‘Diversion Socks’. My Jitterbug stash will be used for stripey cardigans and shawls. It is a lovely yarn, I just can’t be using it for socks, it’s too heart-breaking.

In other more positive news! I’m competiting in TDF or Tour De Fleece this year. My sizeable IxChel stash needs a pruning and what better time to do it right before the Bendigo Sheep Show. The two organisations must be in cahoots!

Here’s where I’m starting out: 3 braids of IxChel BFL Seaweed Bunny, to be 3 plied into something like an 8 ply.

And here’s what I achieved from my first day of cycling/spinning

I’m looking forward to getting a lot of spinning done, so my Bendigo purchases will be made with a lighter conscience.

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