I’ve been ill this last week, it only lasted a few days, but one of those days was my birthday. I don’t recall the last time I’ve been unwell on my birthday, it was a bit of a bummer really. I’m acutely aware though how lucky I am otherwise in my life, my family and my friends so I’ll get over the disappointment of being pukey on my birthday, a temporary state of being.

I have been thoroughly spoiled by everyone in my birthday week/month, I feel quite special, but a little taken aback by the gifts bestowed. Knitters do give the most thoughtful gifts (as do husbands).

Last night was my final birthday celebration for the year when my sisters and their partners came over to share in cupcakes and pizza. One of my sisters surprised me with this large vase (and she’s not a knitter).

It was lovely to catch up with my sisters on the eve of a new niece/nephew arriving into our lives. It was good to see the baby bump, (oh my god it’s really happening) I feel inspired to knit for my sister’s baby, it needs to be clothed in wool, it is a winter baby after all. I hope to cast on the Op Art blanket this week (instead of just talking about it).

One thought on “Spoiled

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear you weren’t well on your birthday : ( that’s only happened to me once when I got croup on my fifth birthday… it was too late to cancel the party so I had to lie in bed listening to all my friends enjoy my party!!

    Happy belated birthday! And enjoy your baby kniting- lovely!


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