An expanding family

As some of you may have heard (the squees were that loud) my new spinning wheel arrived this week. Last year for my birthday I received a Majacraft Little Gem, it has been a wonderful wheel and indeed experience. My very first wheel and it will not be forgotten. The LG is a ‘travel wheel’, which suits my purposes very well. Have wheel, will travel. It’s almost as convenient as a spindle!

This year I decided it was time for a full-size wheel. Not because my LG wasn’t doing anything I wanted it to. But just because. I test-drove the Suzie Pro whilst at the Bendigo show last year; in fact I tried out ALL of their wheels, it was the Suzie Pro that tugged at my heart springs. I meet one of the owners/makers Owen. Who watched me spin, and be totally blissed out; in fact I think a lot of people watched my bliss fullness and if I recall correctly Susanne even took a photo!

Whilst my birthday is still a few weeks away, I wanted to make sure it arrived in plenty of time (I may have overshot the mark there). The fabulous Spun-out let me test-drive a few wheels (I wanted to be sure) and the Suzie was still an absolute winner, how could I have doubted it?

My wheel arrived this week, and one of the first things I did was to check the base for the signature of the maker of my wheel… It was one of Owen’s! This made me even happier (if that were possible). I’m going to try to abstain from using it proper before my birthday; call me weird but I like to feel like it’s my birthday ON my birthday.


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