My best handspun so far

I still consider myself a novice at spinning. I have found the joy of spinning is when plying and finishing a yarn and having the feeling that perhaps, maybe perhaps, this yarn is probably the best thing I’ve ever spun… so far. The joy is when this happens on a regular basis (which is not always the case).

In my quest to use what I bought at Bendigo last year, before Bendigo this year, I’ve been spinning up some Kathy’s Fibres BFL/Kid Mohair. Here are the two colourways:

I loved the pink, purple, green colourway, but unfortunately that was her last one so I teamed it with the brown and orange. I split these three ways as my intention was to spin for 3 ply socks. I don’t always know what I’m spinning for, so I call this one planned. These are the singles:

And here is the finished yarn (after plying but before washing):

I can’t wait to turn this into ‘Vanilla’ Socks. My bobbins are now clear for The Thylacine’s Sock Fibre Spin/Knit along. I received my first installment this week, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I know a few of you have already started, I would be super impressed and full of hate envy if anyone shows up with finished socks on Monday night. But then again, it’s going to be a wet weekend.

5 thoughts on “My best handspun so far

  1. I came back for another longing look. Oh so gorgeous, so flipping’ gorgeous, really yum. Damn I found a downside to hand-spun, the inability to reproduce that yarn for myself 😦

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