Knitting is comfort

We’ve had some extremely hot weather lately, then this morning as I headed for the door it started raining. Unconsciously I grabbed my knitting bag to take with me to work. I don’t know why? I don’t knit at work, not even at lunchtimes. But somehow the rain made me do it.

So I went with it. If there was a blackout or if I got stuck in a lift, I’d be prepared totally! I’m an optimist too. Unfortunately none of those things occurred today.

I have some pitiful progress shots for you. Firstly my new Lacey socks… did I mention they have bobbles on the cuffs, lots of the little b&$!@r)$. Once I pass these it should be smooth sailing.


And here’s my Still Light so far. I haven’t gone gang busters on it yet. Without Louisa around what’s the hurry?! I’ll get cracking on it soon though, because it will be very unfun if she gets too far ahead of me!