Ode to Patonyle

Patons have put out a great new colour range of Patonyle in solids and self-fair isling, and I’ve been stalking the shops to see who would have it on their shelves first.

The answer is Clegs! I spied a half-opened box in store at lunchtime yesterday, but I behaved like a ‘lady’ and didn’t rummage through it, although it did kill me a little. I had to return to the city today for something else (I know 40 degrees outside), so I displayed some patience. Funnily the store manager (I think) was chatting to me about the new colour range and said they were just put on shelf today, (no kidding), so I had to play along and say, ‘wow really, aren’t they great!’ so as not to appear like the crazy yarn stalker that I am.

I knew when I saw the new colour range on Facebook, I was doomed. The yarn diet or should I say ‘the yarn lifestyle’ had to be put on hold. You see, yarn colours don’t always stick around, nor do yarns. I’ve taken one for the team and purchased these.


Of the achievements of my husbands time at ACS so many moons ago, the one I love most, was that he ‘brought back Patonyle’. He is my hero for all time, I didn’t know how good it was then (but several other knitters did) and lobbied to get it back from discontinuation. I’ve almost finished my Featherweight cardigan in Patonyle and I am ecstatic about how lovely the fabric feels when wearing it. Now Patonyle is in the the bright colours that we all dreamed about. I see 6 pairs of stripy socks, somewhere in my future…