A battle of wills

After 4 months of living in harmony, Purl has decided she has as much right to my stash as I do. Or all of a sudden, yarn in zip lock bags has become extremely appealing… Looks like I have a date with Ikea.

Does she look innocent to you?



Purl helped me clear out one pigeon hole…



And here she is on her ivory tower planning, plotting her next move… hmm… she’s not very happy with me.


Bad Cat

I get really bored talking about Still Light, so I figure you must be bored hearing about it. All I’ll say is, it has been placed on hold yet again (with just 2 sleeves to go). My niece’s first birthday is coming up in less than 3 weeks and I wanted to make her something and I didn’t want to chance not getting it done in time if I. didn’t. stop. knitting. Still. Light.

Fast forward to this morning. Damian left for work hours before me. I wake to find this on my living room floor. 


Oh crap I thought. She’s got a taste for it. She’s somehow managed to find the left-over Cleckheaton Country Wide I made the Latte Baby Hoody with. Oh she must have got into my basket. Never mind I thought. No harm done. I’m beginning to sound like ‘those’ cat people that blame themselves for their cats destroying their knitting. Sadly, I’m beginning to see it from their perspective. 

So off to work I go, with the yarn safely shoved into the kitchen bin. At some point I unconsciously consider, ‘gee that was a lot of left-over yarn she got a hold of’. Way more than I thought I had… after all, I didn’t have enough to even make a ‘baby’ pocket on the jacket as I’d hoped. I pushed the thought out of my head.

Tonight I arrive home. I begin peeling the potatoes in prep for the delicious meal my husband is going to cook. I casually gaze at my yarn shelf and for no reason at all I see this:


This is where I freak out.

Ok. This ball of yarn is from my new ‘niece’ project. It has been placed up high on this shelf by Damian. Ok… so if that’s up there, then where is the rest of my yarn and project bag? It’s missing. I search high and low. I finally find my bag still relatively tied up in Purl’s TUNNEL @#$%%^&*

I carefully untie my project bag and then I hold my breath for the safe return of my knitting project. (At this point I think Purl walks sideways out of the room). Thankfully the project is intact. I go to the bin and yank out the red yarn. It is not the Cleckheaton Country Wide wool, I’d originally thought. It is the Jo Sharp DK wool, which is the monsters mouth in my niece’s project. Woe. Oh. Oh well. At least I’ve already done the mouth, nevermind I wanted to use it for stripes as well. There I go again sounding like one of those cat people.

The project is Das Monster. Toddler monster pants! I love them and have wanted to knit them forever. If there’s time, I’ll make my niece a cardigan too.

Lessons learned:

Purl cannot be trusted. Ever.

She has a taste for yarn with some grit. The Rowan yarn sits unharmed in baskets totally at her reach.

Purl loves yarn, just like me.