Yarn Along – Slow progress

Welcome to another week of Yarn Along, you can see what everyone else is making and reading by heading over to Ginny’s blog here.

This week I wish my progress wasn’t so slow. Why am I not surprised?! That’s what happens when you’re working on more than one thing at a time.

I’m loving the Polka Dot rug that I’m making for my sister’s baby E.T.A. 7-10 weeks away, but probably just 7 weeks away. So far I’ve made a patch of each of the 13 coloured centres.



I think if I aim for 35 squares in total (5 x 7 grid) that would be sensible. There’s so much to do and so little time.


I’ve also been spinning, I have to keep up and perhaps try to get ahead of my fibre stash before my next Southern Cross Fibre club instalment arrives on my doorstep…


Ooops too late.


Well perhaps I can make some more spinning time this week… some how. I have to say David’s fibre is every bit delicious that his reputation suggests. I have not been disappointed with his colour choices for me.

I also popped along to Woolarium’s birthday celebration this weekend and picked up some Malabrigo for a future project. How could I resist?

I’m very passionate about the yarn stores we have in Melbourne, and I like to support them when I can. After all they run by people who are passionate about yarn and have taken the huge leap of faith that lovely knitters will patronise them. I love buying yarn, so I do what I can…


Don’t be fooled by the one skein pictured, I have way more for a jumper.

I’m still listening to Outlander and avoiding watching the shows; I am loving it!

Hopefully I’ll have an FO next week, somehow.


My new (to me) Ashford Traditional wheel

I had some time, this lovely long weekend to tinker with my new Traddy wheel. You may recall I got this as a gift from my gorgeous little sister who thought I might need another wheel. I didn’t know it then, but I think she was right!

Not being an Ashford owner before, I downloaded the manual from the web and investigated what I needed to do and what goes where. I purchased a maintenance kit from Spun Out, have I told you how much I love this store? Quick as a flash it all arrived… some gourmet rolags may have also come along for the ride.

And ta da! I’m spinning! The maintenance kit covered EVERYTHING I needed that was missing from my wheel. It even had the orifice hook! First up, I’m spinning some Wendy Dennis Polwarth which I’ll ply with a darker natural Wendy Dennis Polwarth. Bendigo is coming…


Purl loves my new wheel too. She sat down beside me, mesmerised as the wheel spun around and around. Sadly a pillow case will have to go over the top of this wheel too when it’s not being used. Ahh the pitfalls of cat ownership.


‘Winter is coming’

This is what I keep hearing. Sadly there are no winter-sets to speak of, let alone finished objects, I’m looking at you Still Light, oh heavens how I’ve tried. So what do you blog about when there is nothing to show?

The Latte Baby coat got some handsome buttons last week…


Purl has been extra snuggly now that it’s cold and I’m taking full advantage of that.

I finally watched the last episode of Downton Abbey season 3 whilst finishing up some spinning. Oh my word and I thought Game of Thrones was tragic. Thankfully my real life isn’t as dramatic as that, touch wood.

These 2 bobbins are now ready to ply after they’ve rested for a day or so.


Very little spinning has taken place this year as keen observers will have noticed. I can’t blame the kitten for everything, it’s just a matter of time (in my defence Purl is currently sleeping on my hands as I type). This fibre comes from 2 Bendigos ago. They are EGMTK beastie blends with merino, bamboo and silk. I can’t wait to see them plied, as I imagined them 2 years ago.

As well as winter coming, so is Bendigo Show… and possibly a blip in the yarn diet. Whilst I still haven’t purchased any yarn since NY, this came into my possession this week, who says you can’t receive gifts outside your birthday month?


Thank you Teopea! It was a very sweet surprise.

Back to knitting, if I have the heart to wake Purl up…


An idea

I completed a couple of languishing spinning projects last week. For no apparent reason, I haven’t been spinning all that much lately. The fibre is/was Wendy Dennis’ Polwarth, purchased from the Bendigo Show… ohh… about 3 shows ago…


I’m trying to maintain a ‘first in, first out’ policy with my fibre stash. Because that is sensible.

Suddenly after plying the 2 hanks on the right, I had a light bulb moment. COLOUR AFFECTION! The much loved and well-knitted striped shawl pattern by Veera, requires 3 colours not 2. Luckily I just happen to have some Wendy Dennis brown Polwarth just laying about to complete the trio.

Oh how I love fibre stash. Am I the only one who hasn’t knitted a Colour Affection?

Sock Fibre Club 2

A number of weeks ago I received my second installment of the Thylacine Sock Fibre Club. The great thing about the club (apart from the quality of the fibre and dyeing) is Megan chooses different blends each month that have good sock-making properties. The March colourway was ‘Sunburn’, made up of 80% Superwash BFL, 10% Mohair and 10% Silk. The colour was more variegated than the first month which I really like a lot. I really enjoyed spinning this blend. I was lucky enough to score an extra 50gms from Melanie taking my total to 200gms for some super long socks.

Here are most of my singles:

Which I in turn N-plied to keep the stripes.

I spun this fibre switching between my Little Gem and my Suzie Pro, as this was the cross-over time between being ‘allowed’ to use my birthday wheel. I also took my Little Gem to a spinning session (yay, for a travel wheel) after I began using the Suzie. Anyway, the combination of these factors, as well as the fact I haven’t got myself a spinners control card, so I basically spin blind, the thickness of the 3ply does vary from 4ply to 8ply (at the most). I’m really ‘ok’ with this for now. I’ll let you know how I feel about it after I knit it up into socks. Any suggestions for patterns? I’m tempted to just go Vanilla.

An expanding family

As some of you may have heard (the squees were that loud) my new spinning wheel arrived this week. Last year for my birthday I received a Majacraft Little Gem, it has been a wonderful wheel and indeed experience. My very first wheel and it will not be forgotten. The LG is a ‘travel wheel’, which suits my purposes very well. Have wheel, will travel. It’s almost as convenient as a spindle!

This year I decided it was time for a full-size wheel. Not because my LG wasn’t doing anything I wanted it to. But just because. I test-drove the Suzie Pro whilst at the Bendigo show last year; in fact I tried out ALL of their wheels, it was the Suzie Pro that tugged at my heart springs. I meet one of the owners/makers Owen. Who watched me spin, and be totally blissed out; in fact I think a lot of people watched my bliss fullness and if I recall correctly Susanne even took a photo!

Whilst my birthday is still a few weeks away, I wanted to make sure it arrived in plenty of time (I may have overshot the mark there). The fabulous Spun-out let me test-drive a few wheels (I wanted to be sure) and the Suzie was still an absolute winner, how could I have doubted it?

My wheel arrived this week, and one of the first things I did was to check the base for the signature of the maker of my wheel… It was one of Owen’s! This made me even happier (if that were possible). I’m going to try to abstain from using it proper before my birthday; call me weird but I like to feel like it’s my birthday ON my birthday.