Bendigo 2015

Wow! Just when I thought I had experienced everything that was to be experienced at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, this year had a different flavour.


I attended the Women of Wool luncheon with a couple of friends and we had an excellent time. Everything was great about it. The speakers, the food, the company, the other people seated at our table, the competition prize drawings (even though we didn’t win anything), it was a lot of fun.

Then we got down to the serious part of the show. Nicknamed ‘Spendigo’ for good reason… I exceeded my own expectations, surprising only me. If you really want to see it all, check out my recent stash acquisitions (fibre and yarn) on Ravelry.


White Gum Wool played a large part in my purchasing. Nan Bray the owner of ‘White Gum Wool’ spoke at the luncheon, but I was a fan before that, after seeing this segment on Landline. The pink yarn above is White Gum Wool Boucle, specially hand-dyed by Kathy’s Fibres.


I was given the task of buying some fibre to spin for my husband. So that I wouldn’t run short on his next ‘winter set’ (this time), I bought 500gms of Kathys Fibres merino dyed in ‘manly’ browns, blue and black.


We also spent a fair amount of time with the sheep, searching out the babies, because, how cute?

Thank you to my partners in crime for making it such a great weekend. I can’t wait to do it all again next year.


Thursday Catch-up

I thought I might catch-up in pictures. It’s been a few weeks and before the silence gets too long I just wanted to say ‘hi’ this is what I’ve been doing.

Secret Knitting business for a Richmond Knitter…


It involved cake and cupcakes and Girl Guide cookies…



I inspired my colleagues to make Pom Poms (as you do). Someone made the largest one, it’s the size of a rockmelon! I thought that was meant to be the pom pom maker size for a hat topper, I guess not…


I helped Ursula on her stand at the Handknitters Guild Annual Yarn and Fibre Fair. It was fun being an enabler for once!



I went away for yet another crafty weekend…


I did some knitting and left the quilting to the quilters



Then Jo showed up with goodies from the Red Beard Bakery.

A weekend progress shot of my Grace Cardigan. (I’m now up to the sleeves!)IMG_0585

Damian’s been making some outstanding food at home, and dessert…IMG_0602

I knit a chook sweater, but the chook didn’t want to wear it…IMG_0604

I attended a Crafternoon, my last one for a while with a very special Knitter.


We presented her with a blanket the group had made. Ahh… such sadness, and happiness for the amazing friends made through knitting.


Our best blanket yet I think…

Wednesday WIP – The Birthday Edition

I’ve had an interesting birthday. There was not as much fanfare this year (no really, stop laughing)… and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Even my colleagues were asking if I was feeling ok?!

And then, at work, I made the rhetorical statement, ‘I have nothing to live for… after Stitches!’ It was quite tongue in cheek, but all the same they are the words that came out of my mouth. I think it came from a place where I have to say I’m quite content and I didn’t need a birthday because I didn’t need anything…

But then I was wrong. I was remembered by friends and family (and surprised by my husband, he’s still good at that), that made my birthday great. Amongst the lovely gestures received, I was surprised, no shocked, to receive two handmade gifts. I felt extremely lucky. Yeah, I was floored to have received handmade gifts (handmade by the gifters themselves). That means time, and it probably means the ‘L’ word too, but I don’t want to get all soppy on here.


My photographer was on the blink when I took these photos, but seriously, 8 mini stockings for my Christmas Tree… just adorable.

And then this:

IMG_0491A cake and coffee coaster, an awesome surprise.

There was also a couple of cards in the mail, and I could hear the voices of the people who wrote them. I wish I sent cards more often, I feel like I’m an undeserving friend when I receive one.

For my birthday… I bought myself yarn… but somehow posting about it here doesn’t seem right. So I’ll leave it there for another day.


Stitches West – The Loot

I’ve had a few days to recover from my jet-lag and my disastrous trip home (long story short, it took 2 days to get home) so I think you’ve waited long enough, without further ado here’s the yarn I came home with!

You can read more about our experience at the show here on the Richmond Knitters blog. I’ll also be covering other aspects of the trip here, over the next week or so.

All of it in one shot

At this point, I think that I should say that I am very happy with everything I got and clearly I didn’t leave anything I wanted, behind. That was my mistake 8 years ago, I think there’s a lesson in that…

My shopping experience was made better by having a partner, Deb did an awesome job of inspiring my purchases; I was lost without her when she was in her class on Friday morning. I did not/could not buy a single thing then, go figure.

Table close-up 1/2
Table close-up 2/2
Yoth Yarns (Yarn On The House) was hot at the show


Western Sky Knits (WSK) a personal fave. Came home with 9 skeins…
Anzula, Lisa Souza, Miss Babs
Miss Babs Cosmic
Lisa Souza, Miss Babs
Pepperberry Knits Cashmere (of course)
Jill Draper Makes Stuff; love this colour!
Koigu (yes more koigu), Canon Hand Dyes, Invictus Yarns (gradient), WSK
Yoth Yarns
A Verb for Keeping Warm / Romi Hill Mystery Knit Along
From left: Miss Babs, Anzula, Lisa Souza

I’ll be popping all this up on Rav now in case you want the finer details and more eye-candy. On the blog this week I’ll cover off my trip to San Francisco, my class with Anna Zilboorg, and anything else I can think of. ‘Till then, enjoy!

Wednesday WIP – Still blooming

Despite my desperation about knitting at the moment, I was unable to finish the Bloom tunic/dress by the weekend for a visit with my family. It’s been a busy week! Nonetheless I’m very happy with how Bloom is shaping up and I’ve had some very kind comments about it from The Richmond Knitters. This ‘Use It or Lose It’ project is definitely a keeper.

Catching up with my sister reminded me of why I love knitting for her babies. Niece #2 was wearing niece #1 hand-me-down: Baby Yoda Sweater. Ahhhhhhh…


At one point she even made the same wide yawn her sister had when Damian snapped this 2.5 years ago:

386991_10151175558501754_1353229814_nIt makes the knitting time all worthwhile…

Getting back to Bloom, I couldn’t resist popping in the ribbon early, it still needs it’s ends trimmed. Little girls and ribbon are so pretty… I suspect it will need to have a double-knot so she doesn’t pull it out.




Have a great week!

Peek-a-boo: It’s a Chickadee!

If you recall a few weeks ago, I gave you a snippet of a photo which showed some secret knitting?


Well I’ve presented Louisa with my surprise knitting gift so now I can do the big reveal, I’ve made her a Chickadee!




DSC_5350It was pretty fun to make. The pattern comes from Ysolda’s Wee ones collection. It has so many cute patterns in it, they are miniature versions of some of her adult garments.

Louisa was surprised! and I was thrilled, aren’t knitters the best people to make for?



Follow Your Arrow Finale!


After much time, my ‘follow your arrow’ shawl was completed last weekend. I never thought I was going to finish it. I knit and knit and knit and still the end was not in sight. Clue 5B really showed me. This is the part of any knit-along that I dread. When the novelty of knitting as a community wears off, and you’re just not finished yet.

But alas, I love the result. As soon as I cast-off, I somehow decided this shawl was going to be a gift for Damian’s mum. I haven’t actually knit for her yet. She is a knitter herself, so I hope she doesn’t pick up all the errors. There are at least 3 in the last clue. That’s how bad I wanted to cast off. Had I known I was making it as a gift at the time, I would have ripped back, honest.

Back to FREE knitting!

SPOILER: Arrow: Clue 2B

I didn’t get to sit down to knit on my next clue for Ysolda’s shawl until Thursday this week. It’s just been one of those weeks. Less time to knit on my other projects, but a public holiday on Monday should even things out a little, yippee!

This is the second time (of a possible 2 times) so far, I’ve cheated and looked at the spoiler thread to help me decide which clue I should knit. I don’t really regret doing that. I would regret knitting one direction and realising I’d much prefer to do the other; clearly I’m not embracing the ‘mystery’ fully.

I’m glad there was this ‘short row’ clue. It’s made the shawl less semi circular, which was beginning to be a slight concern. Oh the twists and the turns! 3 more clues to go…

How’s your shawl going?